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Help your workers to remember to keep their distance. A healthy work environment and the guarantee of production continuity are therefore of crucial importance for the individual, the economy and the society.


ProxiPass™ immediately alerts the worker, client or visitor with a buzzer or vibration signal whenever the social distancing rules are not respected. This also gives the company’s management team an objective insight of the extent to which the social distancing measures are being respected on the shop floor. That means they can adjust plans in good time where necessary.
Each worker, client or visitor receives a device which he wears around his neck or carries in his trouser pocket. These “wearables” are constantly on the lookout for other devices in their neighbourhood. Once the incoming Bluetooth signal from a nearby device is too strong, the person is prompted to increase the social distancing.


This alarm is also sent immediately via a Private LoRaWAN connection to a centrally located Gateway in your building. By means of the company network or 4G, this in its turn then sends the alarm on to the ProxiPass™ Cloud application.

Unlike Wi-Fi and Bluetooth the LoRaWAN signal can soon develop a wireless range of up to 500 metres. The range of the LoRaWAN can be measured easily even in very large or complex environments and additional Gateways can be placed.
Management software with analytics, alerts, notifications and anything else you might need


The most important KPIs for the social distancing rules can be easily checked via a dashboard. Thanks to this objective information your enterprise can guarantee a safe work environment. More detailed information on recent contacts between the devices and persons can also be consulted and may be crucial in stopping rapid infection.

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