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Pozyx is a pioneer in ultra-wideband (UWB) solutions for precise indoor positioning. Originally founded as a spin-off from Ghent University in 2015, Pozyx has grown rapidly. With over 3,000 customers in 80 countries,

Pozyx solutions have a tried and tested track record. Their integrated hardware and software solutions unlock the power of UWB to get decimeter accuracy. In turn, it allows companies in different markets ranging from warehousing over logistics to live event to transform their business.

  • Solutions for manufacturing & warehousing

Warehouse and production sites are some of the most challenging environments for indoor positioning system (IPS) deployments. These sites are by nature complex due to their sheer size and due to the number of processes that govern them. Thanks to Pozyx’ ease of use, its robustness and Pozyx’ integration possibilities, a lot of industrial applications become viable.

  • Health & Safety solution

Make it easy to enforce social distancing, perform contact tracing, and disinfect working environments with the Pozyx Health & Safety Tag. Combine the accuracy of UWB positioning with the infrastructure power of Pozyx to invest in smart and sustainable solutions.

  • Solutions for sports, entertainment & event

RTLS are rapidly finding their way to the world of sports, entertainment and events. The ability to track athletes in real-time with ultra-wideband has already proven to be a game changer for professional teams and has changed how these teams prepare and train. Real-time positioning data has also impacted the world of entertainment with applications in live-action shows, theater and movie productions. “Knowing where things are” lets operators automate many of the manual tasks that happen backstage. Be it sports or entertainment, the needs are similar.

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