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Barracuda Firewall V8 Update

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In this update training, you will get all the information you need to convert an existing Barracuda NG firewall to the latest version 8. Due to the many changes that have been made and questions from customers regarding the upgrade, we have bundled everything into one training course, so that everyone can obtain the latest information about this as efficiently as possible.

Both the configuration changes between the firmware versions and the problems we have already encountered during migrations are discussed. In this way, you can immediately start working with the new version 8 of the firmware without any problems.


  • Supported hardware
  • Firewall architecture
  • Shared IP’s
  • VLAN changes
  • Configuration backup changes
  • Demo of migration + configuration


Bart Defour or Cédric Délisse, certified trainers for Barracuda.


Evaluation is a continuous process at Kappa Data, so your feedback will be asked during the training. At the end of the training, you will also receive a full survey where you can add your feedback.

Dear participant, further information with the access link for the online training will be sent to you 48 hours in advance.

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