Find your wireless solution fit to size!

Find your wireless solution fit to size!

Build your network infrastructure or protect your wireless network with the proper security measures with Kappa Data.

What is a wireless network?

Wireless networking is one of the pillars of modern telecommunication and collaboration. Use a cost-efficient WLAN to connect your team no matter where they are in the world, or to organize and optimize your company’s internal workflows. Optimized wireless networks will streamline any way of working, resulting in saved time and smoother communication.

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Why use wireless networks?

A WLAN is an invaluable asset to efficient workflows and versatile network integrations nowadays. Its convenience, cost efficiency and usability make it the perfect basis for any and all personalized workflows and meets every need. Wireless LANs or WLANs go as far back as 1969 and have revolutionized our telecommunication time and again.

When are WLANs useful?

Whether your wireless network is connected to the world wide web or your company’s intranet, your team will experience nothing but benefits from a flawless wireless connection. Cloud-based networking saves all your most important data to the cloud. The cloud does not only act as a permanent back-up for all of your information, but also as the perfect central hub for everyone in your team to find what they need.

No need for an internet connection? Then access your internal servers through wireless networks as easily as you would the cloud. Collaboration and data protection have never been easier.

How a site survey improves the quality of your network.

A wireless network uses the air to send data. The quality of the signal partly depends on possible obstacles it has to overcome, such as interference from other networks or other machinery that uses the same spectrum. A professional site survey tells you where your access points need to be installed and how many you need. Detailed heatmaps show you where your Wi-Fi quality will be the best and which steps you should take for the best use of your network.

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Looking for your perfect solution but not sure where to begin? Contact the Kappa Data experts for a network solution fit to size or check out our training sessions.


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