Kappa Data signs contract with Whalebone and expands cybersecurity offerings

Kappa Data signs contract with Whalebone and expands cybersecurity offerings

Kappa Data announces a strategic partnership with Whalebone, a leader in cyber defense. With the addition of Whalebone, Kappa Data will help its customers prevent hard-to-detect threats such as phishing, DNS spoofing, DNS tunneling, zero day attacks and more – without installing or maintaining software.

The integration of Whalebone’s Immunity will help provide an increased cyber security structure designed to address the increasing cyber threats of today’s digital world. Whalebone Immunity allows network administrators to protect all devices on their network without having to install anything on their employees’ devices or disrupt their workflow in any way. “Both inside and outside the corporate network, our DNS resolver blocks access to malicious websites, prevents DNS-based attacks and adds a layer of security that blocks attacks that even the best end-point antivirus programs and firewalls cannot detect,” explained Whalebone’s CTO Robert Šefr.

Advanced layer of protection with Whalebone

“The partnership with Whalebone is an important step for Kappa Data. We constantly strive to stay at the forefront of cyber security and Whalebone’s Immunity will provide our customers with an advanced layer of protection in these increasingly complex times,” said Patrick Casteels, Managing Partner at Kappa Data.

In recent years, businesses and institutions across Europe have been targeted by a record number of cybernetic attacks. DNS security is now the front line of an organization’s security strategy.

“The team at Whalebone is excited to partner with Kappa Data,” said Adam Wright, Channel Manager at Whalebone. “We are thrilled to be part of Kappa Group’s portfolio. With 25 years of success and an excellent reputation in France, Benelux and Poland, we are confident that Kappa Group is the right partner.”


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