Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

IoT & Industriële apparatuur heeft veelal geen geschiedenis met een sterke beveiliging. Onder deze rubriek vind je mogelijkheden om een bestaand of nieuw industrieel network, alsook een netwerk voorzien van IoT koppelingen te voorzien van een hedendaagse / future-proof beveiliging.

Many access points today have BLE or Zigbee integrated. However, the idea is not to just pass everything through to a central server. The Ruckus IoT suite makes it possible to perform analysis on the BLE/Zigbee data and forward conditional, filtered and interpreted data.

Since day one, Mist has built into their access points a Bluetooth array with 16 antennas. This provides accurate live positioning. Combined with the right software, Juniper Mist can be used as an indoor GPS.

IoT and industrial equipment should be segmented as much as possible according to the appropriate method, preferably even through micro-segmentation. Dynamic, Private or Multi-Preshared Keys help you set this up at the Wi-Fi level.

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We enjoy working with Kappa Data because of the personal touch. At Kappa Data, they think along from our experience as IT integrators and thus help us bring more value to our customers.

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