Extreme Networks


Specialist in cloud-driven, end-to-end network technology for businesses


Wireless Networking



Management, network insights & analytics

Network Access Control


Strong cloud management

Diverse range of wireless and switching products

Who is Extreme Networks?

Extreme Networks has been pushing the boundaries of networking technology for businesses since 1996. This is the only cloud-driven, end-to-end network supplier in the sector.

What solutions does Extreme Networks provide?

Extreme Networks provides flexible, reliable and secure cloud-controlled network solutions for businesses, which give these businesses full network visibility, control, and insights to support their commercial goals.

Extreme Networks’ cloud simplifies network management, whether this is hosted publicly, privately or locally. With the help of machine learning and AI, Extreme Networks enables partners and customers to manage, automate, and collect useful insights into network technology and equipment.

What are the benefits of Extreme Networks?

Extreme Networks is a specialist in wireless networking, LAN switching and routing. The company’s wide range of end-to-end connectivity solutions uses leading-edge technology to deliver speed, scale, reliability and security to all users, devices and applications, regardless of their location.