Non-typical network components are typically installed in the most unusual places where we do not find a “normal” switch. Under this heading you will find the infrastructure to enable these links.

Barracuda Secure Connect is centralized and simplified (yet advanced) connectivity platform to connect on-site systems to a central server. The Secure Connector can be mounted in or on the device to be protected and connected.

In some situations, a layer 2 tunnel is a desirable setup. Through the Sophos RED device, you can securely tunnel a network over the insecure Internet as if they were part of the same network.

Allied Telesis has a comprehensive range of industrial DIN-rail mountable models. These can be powered from the cabinet and can deliver PoE+ themselves if required.

Extreme Networks also has industrial and DIN-rail mountable switches, these can be co-monitored from ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine.

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We enjoy working with Kappa Data because of the personal touch. At Kappa Data, they think along from our experience as IT integrators and thus help us bring more value to our customers.

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