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The world is changing into a place where every device is digitally intelligent and permanently connected to the internet; where wireless technology such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, UWB, LoRaWan, 4G or even 5G connect intelligent devices or objects to cloud-based services. The information stored centrally in the cloud is becoming increasingly important for organisations to make targeted decisions. This data can be merged, analysed, and exploited to improve their services or diagnose problems in good time, for example. Kappa Data is a specialist distributor of various wireless IoT solutions for businesses.

IoT & Industrial equipment often does not have a history of strong security. Under this section, you will find ways to provide contemporary/future-proof security to an existing or new industrial network, as well as a network equipped with IoT links.

Non-typical network components are typically installed in the most unusual places where we do not find a “normal” switch. Under this heading you will find the infrastructure to enable these links.

More and more devices are provided with a BLE tag or smartphones their Bluetooth is used for location-based services. Either way, hardware is needed to link these BLE devices and software to interpret them. There are also specific IoT optimizations within Wi-Fi.

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We enjoy working with Kappa Data because of their personal approach. At Kappa Data, they brainstorm with us from our perspective as an IT integrator and, in doing so, help us to add value for our customers.

Drive IT, Kristof Verhoeven

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