IT solutions

Kappa Data provides reliable and innovative IT solutions for networks, security and IoT, for both SMEs and larger businesses. As a value-added distributor, we also share our thoughts with you about presales, marketing and logistics challenges.

Most businesses depend on a good network infrastructure to connect people internally and externally. We supply all our network solutions with the appropriate hardware, software and support for your company or customers. Find your ideal solution here.

Digital attacks can cause operational damage, financial damage, and harm to your image, so firewalls, routers and switches must have watertight, professional protection. Our network security products are also easy to manage and configure. See an overview here.


More and more devices are connected to the internet, which allows them to share data and communicate with each other without any humans involved. This increases the efficiency of all kinds of services. Kappa Data provides IoT solutions and services, from presales support and concepts to follow-up.

What our customers say

For more than four years, The Network Factory has been working closely with Kappa Data on connectivity & networking projects.
Our choice to work with Kappa Data and the years of trust are down to the values that we, as a reseller, expect of a VAD distributor.
We are not just a number, as is often the case in mass distribution. Personal contact with all departments within Kappa Data has led to a productive partnership.
Whether it’s (account) management, internal sales, order and product management, marketing or technical support, we always find the right people within the Kappa Data team to answer our questions.
Kappa Data is not a production line, but a true Value Added Distribution Partner for the market.

The network Factory, Dirk Nys