Real Time Location Tracking

Increase the efficiency of your business with the power of real-time location solutions

Our solution

Kappa Data distributes Pozyx Enterprise products, which are aimed at more permanent or large installations. The Enterprise positioning system consists of 3 main parts:

  • A network of anchors and tags: This network consists of two types of devices: tags and anchors. The tag is a mobile device of which we want to track the position. An anchor is a device in a fixed, known position.
  • A local gateway: This device is the positioning server and connects to the anchors through Ethernet. It gathers all the data received from the anchors and transforms this into a position. By connecting to the gateway, you can receive the real-time positioning data.
  • The Pozyx web application: The web application is a visual interface to configure and diagnose the Pozyx system. It can be run locally from the gateway itself or from the Pozyx cloud.

By using things such as APIs (application programming interfaces), platforms such as Salesforce Platform ensure that information from the IoT is recorded directly in the CRM, ERP and other software systems, so that its value can be utilised to the maximum. The information is then accessible everywhere: on computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

Our customers

IoT partners aren’t always in the ICT sector. HVAC installers, electricity and cabling companies and construction groups can also turn to us, as long as they first resell the material to their customers.

Our method

(I)IoT is a broad term. There’s the ‘industrial’ side; the OT network, which includes aspects such as segmentation, DIN-rail, built-in equipment for secure connectivity, etc. Then there’s the ‘general’ network side; devices such as coffeemakers, radios, etc., that are also used in corporate networks. In many cases, devices from a supplier or partner which connect to a central location are also installed in the network. We look at the best solution case by case.

We also describe everything related to indoor positioning as IoT. Do you want some kind of indoor GPS? Or are you trying to find a certain object is in the company? Maybe you have a customer with a warehouse where it would be useful to know exactly where something’s located, including the height.

Why choose Kappa Data?

Technical expertise

Kappa Data supports resellers and customers with comprehensive technical expertise, training courses and guidance. Our technical and presales teams are always on hand for you!

Personal touch

At Kappa Data, you enjoy a very personal and professional approach; from rapid quotes to demos and customer-friendly service with regular contact people. We’re here for you.

Outstanding service

Kappa Data is a value-added distributor that helps you find solutions. We make sure that all the parties involved are happy, and mediate where necessary should conflict arise.

What our clients say

I am easily statisfied, with the very best.

Orange Cyberdefense, Rik VanHerck

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