Our story

Kappa Data was founded as a value-added IT distributor in 1998. Our team now has over 40 colleagues, and we help more than 800 customers every year.

2020 – Stable growth

In 2020, we included IoT as a fully-fledged third pillar alongside network infrastructure and network security.
In addition to new distribution contracts with Pozyx, OneLogin and Arcserve, we’ve also launched 2 of our own new products: ProxiPass Social Distancing & Proximity Tracing and ccFLEX, a central management platform for reseller firewalls.

We also attracted the Investlink capital fund, which is taking a stake in the company with a view to further national and international growth.

By the way, our growth was already underway: Kappa Data has been nominated for the Trends Gazellen 2020 this year, an award for the fastest growing businesses in Flanders.

2018-2019 – Acquisition of OzOOs

In 2019, Kappa Data took over the distribution activities of OzOOs, which gave us a foothold in the market in the French-speaking part of Belgium. We also expanded our product portfolio with leading suppliers such as Mist (part of Juniper Networks) and Sophos.

2013-2017 – International adventure

In 2013, we embarked on our international adventure with the opening of a new office in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. Within 4 years, the branch had grown into an important part of the Kappa Data Group.

The product portfolio was also expanded in partnership with major suppliers such as Delta, Aerohive (now Extreme Networks) and Ruckus. Kappa Data is currently also a managed services provider for resellers, through the Barracuda NextGen Firewall Control Center.

Kappa Data’s headquarters in Belgium was also completely renovated in 2015. From that moment on, we had access to a fully equipped area for giving training courses, and excellent storage facilities. We also opened an office in Poland.

2008-2012 – Enterprise Product Portfolio

After an initially strong focus on SMEs, we also started gradually gaining a foothold with larger resellers from 2008 onwards. The real step towards enterprise resellers, however, was the acquisition of the activities of Cosyco. This new approach resulted in new distribution contracts with Juniper Networks and Barracuda.

1998-2007 –Establishment and off to a flying start

Kappa Data was founded as a value-added IT distributor in 1998, with a focus on network infrastructure and network security for SMEs. Firewalls, anti-malware and Wi-Fi were already really our thing back then.

We got off to a flying start, thanks to partnerships with leading suppliers such as Lancom Systems and Stormshield, and continuously striving for added value for our resellers