IoT & Industriële apparatuur heeft veelal geen geschiedenis met een sterke beveiliging. Onder deze rubriek vind je mogelijkheden om een bestaand of nieuw industrieel network, alsook een netwerk voorzien van IoT koppelingen te voorzien van een hedendaagse / future-proof beveiliging.

Armis Centrix keeps its finger on the pulse in every network, including industrial networks. It recognizes vulnerabilities and determines personal security priorities for you for each type of device. Devices are recognized by their function and use, only secondarily by their operating system. In case of faulty communication according to the perdue model or abnormal traffic, alarms can also be generated.

The challenge with modern networks is securing devices that are not workstations or servers. A deep learning model forwards the analysis to the XDR/MDR if required, allowing a SOC team to respond accurately at all times. Thanks to the synchronized security model, enforcements can be automated at different places in the network.

Both Barracuda Networks and Stormshield can extend their strong security features into industrial environments via a DIN-rail mounted model.

What our customers say

We enjoy working with Kappa Data because of the personal touch. At Kappa Data, they think along from our experience as IT integrators and thus help us bring more value to our customers.

Drive IT, Kristof Verhoeven

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