ExtremeControl Network Access Control keeps your network edge secure!

Extreme Network Access Control

ExtremeControl Network Access Control keeps your network edge secure!

The Extreme Networks ExtremeControl for ExtremeCloud IQ – SiteEngine keeps your network edge safe with end-point security! It protects against external threats by supporting deep visibility and access control for all endpoints in your wired and wireless networks. Comprehensive policies ensure compliance obligations are met using targeted policies that can be applied to users as well as BYOD and IoT devices.


Access Security

ExtremeControl for ExtremeCloud IQ – SiteEngine. Keep the network edge secure with end-point security.

  • Role-based network access control for all devices, including third-party network devices
  • Secure guest access and BYOD onboarding
  • Integration with third-party solutions such as NGFW, SIEM, CMDB, Internet security and EMM/MDM
  • Secure IoT network access


Operational efficiency

  • Automatic performance alerts
  • Single screen for management, policy, access control and application analysis
  • Accelerated troubleshooting via separation of network and application issues



  • Context-driven, consistent policies from edge to data center
  • Network access prevention for unauthorized users and compromised endpoints
  • Critical initiatives such as BYOD and loT securely enabled

Most data breaches start at endpoints, so control over users and loT devices and consistent policies across the network in multicloud is needed. With ExtremeControl, an application available as part of ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine1, users have centralized deep visibility and control over all endpoints in their network through one simple, flexible and easy-to-use dashboard.

ExtremeControl securely enables BYOD and loT to protect the network from outside threats. It provides central management and the ability to define granular policies to meet compliance obligations, locate, authenticate and apply targeted policies to users and devices.

ExtremeControl integrates with key enterprise platforms, including network security, mobility management, analytics, cloud and data center solutions. In addition, it provides an open northbound API for custom integrations with key enterprise platforms.



Advanced reporting

ExtremeControl makes it easy to monitor issues on the network – all on one easy-to-read dashboard. It sends advanced, customizable reports and alerts on authentication, guest access, onboarding, device profiles and authentication, as well as system health at the end. When rolling out large projects, you reduce risk by testing new policies and using passive policies for what-if scenarios prior to enforcement. ExtremeControl identifies threats by profiling and tracking users and devices, as well as monitoring device health and compliance before and after access. ExtremeControl can also process policy controls provided by integrated third-party MDM/EMM solutions to ensure that defined policies are working or to enforce those policies. It can also provide hit reports and status on the number of non-compliant and/or disabled devices that have restricted network access with additional context on where, when and how. ExtremeControl enables compliance auditors and security teams to get the relevant data they need to make informed decisions about their network access policies.


Ecosystem Integration

ExtremeControl is integrated with Extreme Networks’ ecosystem of partners to extend network security and threat response. For example, ExtremeControl integrates with next-generation firewall solutions and can orchestrate endpoint isolation and remediation based on alerts received. It shares contextual information such as users, IP address and location for powerful policy enforcement on perimeter firewalls. Policies based on ID-IP mapping track users. ExtremeControl also provides support for third-party policies through user-based ACLs, enabling granular control across the network. To prevent non-compliant and unregistered devices from accessing a customer’s network, integration with existing EMM/MDM partners such as VMware Workspace ONE UEM (Airwatch), Citrix and Mobilelron has been simplified.


Comprehensive policy control

ExtremeControl allows detailed controls to be applied to users and endpoints allowed on the network. Users can enable secure BYOD, guest access and loT by rolling out real-time policies based on the security status of devices. ExtremeControl matches endpoints with attributes, such as user, time, location, vulnerability or access type, to create a comprehensive contextual identity. Role-based identities track a user regardless of where or how they connect to the network. They can be used to enforce highly secure access policies to prevent unauthorized users and compromised endpoints from accessing the network.


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