Whalebone Immunity: Securing Financial Institutions from Cyberattacks

Whalebone Immunity: Securing Financial Institutions from Cyberattacks

In a time of digital transformation, financial institutions face a growing threat from cyber attacks. Statistics show that in 2022 alone, 1,829 successful cyber threats targeted the global financial sector. More than 60% of major financial institutions were targeted by a variety of attacks ranging from phishing to ransomware. Find out in this blog post what Whalebone immunity can do for your business!

Versatile defense required

The nature of these attacks requires a multifaceted defense strategy, especially since current standard security measures cannot fend off all threats. This is where Whalebone Immunity comes in as a forward-thinking solution at the DNS level. It not only provides immediate protection for all network devices without additional training or installation efforts, but also integrates effortlessly into existing systems.

Whalebone Immunity: powerful DNS protection

The power of Whalebone Immunity comes from its ability to not only block common threats, such as phishing, but also detect more sophisticated attacks, such as DNS tunneling and attacks on IoT devices. This gives financial institutions an extra layer of protection that addresses the weakest link in security, namely human error.

Specific features for financial institutions

In addition, Whalebone Immunity offers features specific to the financial sector, including protection for remote employees and data breach monitoring. With seamless integration and additional security without additional pressure on the IT department, Whalebone Immunity is the ideal choice for financial institutions looking for a reliable, efficient, and secure solution.

Find out for yourself how Whalebone Immunity can be your digital shield in the video below!

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