Specialist since 1986

Member of the Kappa Data Group, from the French industry

25 years of expertise in developing hardware solutions and personalized IT services


Seamless integration of partner software with in-house hardware expertise

Joint approach from design to production

Comprehensive services for electronics (PC architecture, microcontrollers) and mechanics (chassis, enclosures, kiosks, totems)

Personalized product and IT services, including design, prototyping and custom tools

Large logistics implementations, inlcuding staging, configuration and logistics


Comprehensive Expertise

Tailored Solutions

After-Sales Excellence

Who is ExperTechno?

ExperTechno has been an experienced specialist in developing high-quality hardware solutions since 1986. As a proud member of The Kappa Data Group, our origins in the French sector have enabled us to grow into a distinctive brand. With 25 years of experience, we are your dedicated partner in providing customized services and solutions.

What solutions does ExperTechno offer?

At ExperTechno, we seamlessly combine partner software with our own hardware skills to collaboratively build solutions that meet your exact needs. From design to industrialization, we guide you through each project phase, ensuring a foundation of trust, attention and speed. Our services include electronics (PC architecture, microcontrollers) and mechanics (chassis, enclosures, kiosks, totems), complemented by personalized product and IT services.

Choose ExperTechno for a partnership built on experience, expertise and dedication to delivering the best hardware solutions, customized just for you.

Benefits of ExperTechno

Extensive expertise:

  • In-house design office, manufacturing workshop and service facilities
  • End-to-end manufacturing and support capabilities

Customized solutions:

  • Personalized services to meet unique project requirements
  • Complete approach for seamless matching to specific needs

Outstanding after-sales:

  • Value-added logistics services, including staging of IT equipment
  • D+1 after-sales service commitment
  • High value-added services for comprehensive after-sales support