SolarWinds launches observability licenses

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SolarWinds launches observability licenses

SolarWinds launches observability platform that integrates metrics, trace, logs and user-experience into a single platform. It enables organizations to capture, process and parse data into actionable insights to analyze the performance of cloud environments, network devices and applications.

Full-stack observability

SolarWinds currently has a diverse portfolio of products and each module in their Orion platform essentially solves a particular problem that customers have in managing their IT infrastructure and keeping their IT operations running smoothly.

Solarwinds launched a new approach during their Global Partner Kick-off on April 8. Specifically, this means a shift from mere monitoring – determining what happened – to understanding why an event occurred in the IT Operations Management (ITOM) stack. On top of that comes an additional AI layer that automatically provides analysis and observations about what’s going on in the network environment and why things are happening, both locally on premises (on-premise) and in the cloud.

SolarWinds observability

The evolution from monitoring tools to observability platform

The shift to observability is also accompanied by a product transition from perpetual licenses to an annual subscription model that gives customers access to a broader range of SolarWinds offerings than they had before. These “observability platforms” will include a much larger suite of SolarWinds products. By bundling multiple existing modules into one platform, this will only increase the strategic insights and analysis capabilities for customers. This shift to observability with new licensing models and subscriptions should open up new opportunities for partners and customers alike; by making people understand what happened and why it happened.

Instead of different modules, we are moving to simple license bundles that include all the currently popular products. Here in Q2 of 2022, two platforms are already being launched; Essentials and Advanced. The Premier subscription will follow later this year.

For the modules that were not included in the platform, such as for example ARM (Access Right Manager) can still be offered separately. Ultimately, this expansion of monitoring capabilities should provide more insights for existing customers. And make it easier for new customers without having to decide which modules they want. The choice is limited to two and later three license bundles that are calculated on the number of nodes.

Secure by design

Solarwinds focuses on ensuring that their products are secure from start to finish; from initial development to release and updates. They do this by securing the internal environment and improving the product development environment. To ensure the security and integrity of all products.

Partner business model

SolarWinds will also work in the coming months to unify the partner program and clarify their partner model globally, offering SolarWinds incremental changes along with guidance to partners. These investments in the partner channel should allow partners to accelerate growth with SolarWinds.

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