Roadshow Utrecht 2022 | An overview

Roadshow Utrecht 2022 | An overview

On Tuesday, July 5, 2022, the time had finally come. The long-awaited roadshow could take place – without any restrictions. The result? A perfect symphony of networking, knowledge and gastronomy.

Curious about what it looked like?

5 speakers, 6 endless stories

Our in-house speakers, Matts Koppen & Dirk Cipido brought out the solutions and stories of Barracuda, Cato Networks, Sophos and SolarWinds in a fantastic way. Filled with some technical elements, clear overviews and a touch of humor; each did it in their own way.

We also had some guest speakerscomming over. Yoni Toorenspits and Jeroen Van Dort of BlackBerry presented their vision of a “prevention-first” cybersecurity strategy. We ended the day with Patrick Groot Nuelend of Extreme Networks.

In short, the presentations were full of variety, interaction and above all information.

Matts Koppen over Cato Networks' SASE
Jeroen Van Dort over BlackBerry's "Prevention-first" strategie
Dirk Cipido over SolarWinds'

Something for everyone

Of course, from sitting still and listening all the time, you get hungry and thirsty. Don’t panic, Kappa Data was there to save the day!

Each presentation was concluded with an accompanying snack. We dared to call it a gastronomic highlight. For example, after the BlackBerry presentation, a snack with duck breast and blackberry sauce was served, or after Barracuda, a snack with fish. The perfect break if you ask us!

Eendenborst met een braambessen sausje
Fried chicken op een bedje van coleslaw met BBQ saus


No champagne or cocktails, but a fresh beer and a typical dutch bitterball. A successful roadshow like this one we close in beauty.

Everyone had the chance to chat with each other and to have a drink on a successful future together.

You really can’t miss the next edition! Stay tuned via our social media, or contact us!

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