Patrick Van der Zwet (Allied Telesis) about their fast delivery times

Patrick Van der Zwet (Allied Telesis) about their fast delivery times

In these times it is not easy to find a supplier without endless delivery times. In terms of delivery and price quality, Allied Telesis is the best alternative. Patrick Van der Zwet, Channel Manager for the Benelux of Allied Telesis, tells you more about their fast delivery times and their communication approach in our latest video.


How is Allied Telesis able to deliver so quickly?

“There are a number of factors that still allow us to deliver our Allied Telesis products,” says Patrick Van der Zwet.

First of all – and this is perhaps their most important reason – is their direct contact that they have had with their partners for years. As a result, they know very well what the partners want, what they are doing and where they want to go. This allows Allied Telesis to standardize in their product portfolio. They can issue a very accurate forecast in their own factories, up to a year ahead.

The second reason is that Allied Telesis has their own factories, which is a big advantage right now. They can prioritize for certain product lines if they find that they are in high demand.

Number three, their warehouse is in the Netherlands. This makes the route to deliver to Belgium very short, with the logical consequence of shorter delivery times.

Smooth communication and approachable partnership

Patrick Van der Zwet indicates that the relationship with Kappa Data as a distributor and the relationship with their partners and end customers, is incredibly important to them. This completes the circle in terms of communication.

“People often think it’s easy, but nowadays you have to achieve so many certain certificates and a certain turnover. This makes collaboration complicated, in my opinion, and we just don’t do this. Not necessarily because it doesn’t work, because we represent quality and when people are not trained, things go wrong. But since we are directly involved, it just doesn’t go wrong. So it’s just our way of working. We can say that doing business with Allied Telesis is approachable and easy. We have no strict requirements for our partners. It simply has to be simple to do business together. And if people see me like this in a video, it might also be more approachable to contact me,” explains Patrick Van der Zwet.

Curious about the full interview? Then be sure to check out the video below.

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