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New! Allied Telesis GS980MX switch

Allied Telesis Centre COM introduces their latest AT-GS980MX Series switches. This series of Layer 3 Gigabit switches offer high capacity, resiliency and easy system management. The power-over-ethernet models with Multi-Gigabit support make them an ideal solution for high speed connections at the edge of the network.

Discover the full overview of the new Allied Telesis series below:

Overview AT-GS980MX Series

The AT-GS980MX series is powerful and versatile for today’s networks. The switch has up to 48 Ethernet ports and 4 uplink ports (10 Gigabit uplinks). The switch can also be managed via AMF (Autonomous Management Framework).

In addition, the switch guarantees Continuous PoE endpoint uptime, even during a switch firmware upgrade that you perform. Also, the switch can provide power to connected PoE devices within a few seconds after the switches are powered. The PoE-compatible switch models can provide up to 90 watts (PoE++) on each access port.

In addition to all the industry-standard protocols this switch includes, it also offers 2.5G and 5G Multi-gigabit ports for connecting high-speed Wi-Fi 6 wireless networks.

The GS980MX Switch from Allied Telesis is easy to install, configure and manage. With Multi-Gigabit ports and 10 Gigabit uplinks, plus the power of Allied Telesis Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™), the GS980MX series is a very powerful solution. The high-power-over-ethernet models make them an ideal solution for demanding network devices.

Find out more in our unique unboxing video about the latest AT-GS980MX switch. Our Kappa Data Pre-Sales Engineer Frédéric Van Walle and Channel Manager Benelux of Allied Telesis Patrick Van der Zwet are having a great time.

Be sure to watch it to the end, because you might win something!

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