Multilayer protection of your M365 package with Barracuda

Multilayer protection of your M365 package with Barracuda

Did you know that 43% of organizations have already been victims of a spear phishing attack? Do you want to prevent it as soon as possible? Barracuda to the rescue! Add layers of protection to your Microsoft 365 Package. Discover the Barracuda Networks Email Protection Plans below.

What includes the Barracuda Email Protection Plans?

First things first, what is Barracuda EPP? It is a bundle of about 20 parts that are used and purchased in small product groups. The combination of products not only adds value because of the multiple layers of security, but they also work together to dramatically increase efficiency and user experience. The per user based license contains no storage limitations.

Email security

91% of cyber attacks start with an email. Fortunately, Barracuda has been known for nearly 20 years for its first-in-class antispam product “Spam Firewall”, today known as “Email Security Gateway”. You can give your users the confidence to whitelist addresses or just take these rights away. You can set rules that are much finer than just whitelisting or blacklisting an address or domain. In addition to antispam, the product includes antivirus, antiphishing, sandboxing, encryption, multi-domain aliassing, link protection and so on. You can also use Email Security in conjunction with products other than Microsoft 365 because it is fully MX-based.

Archiving – Why you should keeping all mails outside M365

The main reasons to keep all mails outside M365 are legal and compliance reasons. Microsoft itself also has a possibility to archive, possibly with the purchase of an additional license. The added value of Barracuda as an archiving product is in the independence of Microsoft but also in the flexibility in retrieving the mails. An integration with Outlook allows you to link the archive of another mailbox in your Outlook as if it was an equipment mailbox.

Cloud to cloud back-up

Microsoft recommends using third-party backups for your Microsoft 365 data. Barracuda can help you with an unlimited copy of the M365 package with accessible granular restoration. Barracuda C2C backup takes a copy of your email, contacts, tasks, calendar but also SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive from Microsoft 365. A smooth, intuitive cloud-based web interface allows you to perform a smooth restore from anywhere. Barracuda Cloud to Cloud backup is only available for Microsoft 365 and uses Microsoft’s APIs to do so.

Make your organization phishing-proof

Security Awareness Training as a tool is part of a complete awareness program that may be customized for your company. We offer a complete awareness program which can be tailored to your companies needs. This budgetable solution can be done via a do-it-yourself package or as an all-in-one relief for IT departments. Our sales team is happy to explain you all about it.

Interested in more? Check out the Barracuda Email Protection Plans website which has been created specially for you. The website is only available in Dutch, if you don’t speak Dutch, do not hesitate to contact us and we will set up a dedicated meeting for you.

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