Kappa Data Netherlands and its partners are toasting to the new year!

Kappa Data Netherlands and its partners are toasting to the new year!

On Thursday, January 26, 2023, Kappa Data hosted its first New Year’s Eve event in Nieuwegein, Utrecht. An afternoon full of presentations, goodies, and most of all lots of fun! Will you take a look back with us?

15 minutes, short & sweet

After a nice welcome speech by Ruben Zwanenburg and Patrick Casteels, we could start with the vendors’ dedicated topics. Läslo Brouwer of Barracuda Networks was first with a nice view on the ZTNA given. Then Serena Smolders went into Sophos‘ MDR and Patrick De Vries talked more about Armis‘ Asset Visibility. We closed with Patrick Groot Nuelend of Extreme Networks, who went a little deeper into Extreme Fabric.

Rubin Zwanenburg

Get those skates up!

Down the stairs, through the door and keep following the path. And what did you find there? An ice-skating rink, all to ourselves.

Some went at it like a spear, others preferred to stand on the sidelines with a warm cup of mulled wine or chocolate milk. What did everyone have in common? A broad smile that was impossible to hide.

Is there anything to savor here?

Yes there is! An appropriate snack was already served between each presentation. From in-whiskey-laced salmon to a bright purple freak shake with a mini donut; we traveled the world in four bites!

Still not enough? Fortunately, you could enjoy a savory assortment of appetizers during drinks. Or as our team dares to call it; a healthy portion of brown fruit.

As you can well see, it was a resounding success. We have you to thank for that!

Finally, we would like to put our vendors in the spotlight once again. Without them none of this would ever have been possible, thank you!

You really can’t miss the next edition! Stay tuned via our social media, or contact us!

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