How IT partners can benefit from selling Sophos MDR

How IT partners can benefit from selling Sophos MDR

Cybersecurity is often tackled with stand-alone products, with IT partners purchasing and installing various software and hardware solutions to protect their end customers networks. These solutions were often expensive and required significant maintenance and upkeep to ensure their effectiveness.

Recently there has been a shift towards cybersecurity as a service (CAAS). Rather than purchasing and maintaining their own cybersecurity solutions, companies are now able to outsource these services to vendors like Sophos. Sophos MDR offers a range of cybersecurity services, including network security, data protection, and threat intelligence, as part of a yearly or monthly subscription-based model.

What is Sophos managed detection and response service (MDR)?

With Sophos MDR, a global team of security operations specialists monitors and secures your environment 24x7x365. Using intelligence from your existing endpoint, firewall, identity, email and network security tools, Sophos detects, investigates and remediates advanced human-led attacks before they can impact your business.

Sophos MDR brings together the expertise of over 500 security operations professionals, including malware experts, dedicated threat hunters and attack neutralization specialists. With an average time from detection to resolution of just 38 minutes, Sophos MDR keep customers ahead of attackers and protected from devastating ransomware incidents and breaches.

Because MDR is backed by a human team the service excels at the advanced types of attack that technology alone cannot detect. And this is the ultimate solution if you want to survive today’s sophisticated threats and protect an organization of any size from ransomware, phishing attacks and other online threats.

Sophos MDR will adapt on how partners want to operate and the kind of cybersecurity business they want to run:

1. Resell the Sophos branded MDR service

Offer your customers an “instant SOC”, fully staffed with the industry’s best cybersecurity operations talent (Sophos X-Ops engineers), with full threat protection, active threat hunting, notification, remediation and reporting, using the world’s most open and widely deployed MDR service. This provides excellent up/cross-selling opportunities for IT partners! This approach allows you to increase your deal size and deliver superior real-world cybersecurity outcomes to your customers, which is the best way to retain existing customers.


2. Use Sophos MDR to extend your own cybersecurity services

Strengthen your customers’ cyber defences in a manageable and affordable way, with in-depth cybersecurity expertise available 24/7. As an IT partner, you can attract new customers with third-party integrations!

For those who prefer to:

    • Maintain their own SOC
    • Recruit, hire and retain a threat hunting team
    • Provide incident response

Use Sophos MDR in notification-only mode or leverage other capabilities to complement your existing team with skilled cybersecurity resources, extended service hours, or extended service to new geographies as part of your own Cybersecurity as a Service offering.


3. Use Sophos XDR to build your own service


    • For partners who prefer to deliver their own bespoke or vendor-provided MDR service, using their own dedicated staff, data centre/SOC and incident response process.
    • Build your own branded MDR service on a Sophos XDR foundation, using exactly the same Sophos technologies (AI, automation, threat intelligence, connectors, etc.) that power Sophos MDR.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, we are likely to see even greater adoption of cybersecurity as a service in the coming years.

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