Hot Topics: stay up-to-date with the latest trends in Networking & Security

Hot Topics: stay up-to-date with the latest trends in Networking & Security

Are the latest trends only applicable to large enterprises? We see some intelligent developments going on, finding their way down to our BELUX SMB companies. Are they effectively applicable or is marketing trying to seduce us? We have collected 5 of the most inspiring and evolving technologies and bundled them.


Networks that consist of multiple sites are made up of multiple layers. We think about connectivity, WAN security, site security, … SASE brings these management portals together in one cloud-based solution. A base-built OPEX model also includes all security updates which significantly simplifies maintenance. Discover more about SASE here.

Threat Hunting

Do you know if there is a hacker in your network? Using standard sysadmin tools usually keeps a hacker under the radar. Using threat hunting, an XDR solution can link different movements in different places and label them as a threat. More about Threat Hunting.

Security Awareness

The weakest link in IT security is also the most difficult to cover. Thanks to various forms of training, the risk is minimized. Repetition is essential here. But… a wrong or incomplete way of training can have disastrous consequences. Security Awareness is an expertise in which experience is an essential component. Read more about Security Awareness.

Self Driven Networks

Despite proper monitoring, a flawlessly stable network is not guaranteed. For a human, for example, it is cumbersome to recognize patterns in and connections between events to avoid interruptions. With the help of AI, complex networks can be analysed, situations predicted and thus problems avoided. Discover more about Self Driven Networks here.

IT Operations Management

Good network management starts with a complete overview, how everything is related and interdependent. Any incident can be detected early, eliminating investigation time and minimizing resolution time. A good IT Operations Management solution can be cost effective. Learn more about IT Operations Management here.

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