Email security: what, why, how

Email security: what, why, how

According to technology consultancy Gartner, email remains the No. 1 target in cybercrime and this is not going to change anytime soon. The number of successful attacks continues to rise sharply and especially with the migration to cloud email such as Microsoft365, a thorough approach is needed in all areas.

Email security: what, why, how

Email security is crucial for your organization. More and more companies are falling victim to cybercriminals who use email to gain access to the network. In this article we will tell you how to secure your and your employees’ mailboxes to the maximum with a total package of email security solutions that will tackle all user and email weaknesses.

The number of cyber incidents at companies is increasing year after year. Cybercriminals are using more and more sophisticated methods and are focusing more and more on SMEs. These organizations are often less well protected and barely prepared for an attack. Attacks are relentless, attack strategies change very quickly and when you have become a victim as a person or a company there is no sympathy. You will have to pay to have access to your PC/Network/… again.

Why is email security so important?

Malware and phishing are two of the most common tactics used by cybercriminals. In companies, these are often initiated from fake emails in employees’ mailboxes. Mails from cybercriminals with a fake link or an infected file are hardly distinguishable from real ones. A click from a negligent employee can then quickly happen. The consequences are often incalculable, from data loss and business interruption to costs that can run into millions of euros.

Research shows that half of all companies do not secure their emails sufficiently. Moreover, one in four companies in the Benelux has already reported an email-related security breach.

E-mail security: how do you tackle it?

Without good e-mail security, your network is insufficiently protected against cybercriminals. Many companies still think that an e-mail security gateway for their e-mail server is sufficient to protect them against spam, viruses and phishing.

Wake-up call: gateways alone are no longer sufficient. They cannot detect socially engineered spear phishing attacks. Nor do gateways protect your network against phishing attacks that come in through your employees’ personal mailboxes.

If you really want to be safe, then you need additional email security technology in addition to these gateways.

Email Security Specialist Barracuda Networks is the only company to offer protection against the 13 most important and common Email attacks. From spam and ransomware to socially engineered spear phishing, account takeover, scamming, URL phishing and more.

Learn more about these 13 Email Threats and how Barracuda Networks provides a solution for them.

Our email security choice?

The Barracuda Email Protection Plans

Operating on the good-better-best principle, these plans offer people complete protection by combining gateway defense, API-based inbox defense, incident response, data protection and backup.

Secure your users and network with a total email security solution?

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WARNING: No single email security solution offers 100% protection

Although email security technology is very far along, no solution offers 100% security. Yet it is not technology, but rather people who are the weakest link in your email security. It is your employees who are targeted by cybercriminals with social engineering attacks. Traditional email security technologies cannot defend against this. Therefore, in addition to your email security solution, it is crucial to train your employees to recognize untrustworthy emails. According to recent studies, security awareness training would reduce the effects of cyber attacks by as much as 70%.

Turn the weakest link, into the strongest defense.

In addition to our email security solution, which neutralizes virtually all email threats and phishing attacks, Kappa Data also offers Phishing as a Service. This solution consists of several components and aims to increase the security awareness of your employees. The solution is easy to budget and closes the human gap in your email security strategy.

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