Connectivity for everyone and everywhere: Infinite Enterprise

Connectivity for everyone and everywhere: Infinite Enterprise

The modern workplace

In the past, all aspects of society and IT networks were built around centers: cities, schools and businesses. But the world is changing, and so is networking. Connectivity must happen everywhere and for everyone. And only the cloud makes this possible.

Let’s face it, as we move toward a post-pandemic world, we live our lives differently. We store differently, we go to school differently, we get different health care and we work differently. Every business has to adapt to this cultural shift in the way people live their daily lives.

One of the lessons learned during the recent pandemic is that companies are changing the way they do business. For example, employees may no longer need to report to an office or campus for the entire five-day work week. Instead, they may prefer to work remotely, part-time or full-time, but with the expectation of the same work-life experience. Or better yet, an improved way of working and living.

What does this mean? Well, we now have a distributed workforce. Therefore, the enterprise is no longer just in a building; instead, the enterprise must go where employees choose to work. We now have an Infinite Enterprise.

The three pillars of an Infinite Enterprise

Aimed at the user

Can be used indefinitely and Independently of location


Enterprises must be user-centric . Companies need to provide technology solutions that customers want. They want technology that works for them. Technology should revolve around customer needs rather than having their lives defined by hi-tech.

Our entire society is now infinitely distributed. Centralized living is overrated. This means the workplace must come to the worker. Educational institutions are moving to their students. Shoppers now use services from the comfort of their homes. Health care is often available remotely. Employees, students, clients and patients want choices that don’t always require them to commute an hour and pay 20 Euros for a parking space.

Infinite Enterprise at one of our partners: Speyk

To deliver on the promise of the Infinite Enterprise, Speyk and others must deliver at scale. In other words, scaling services, technology and even people to provide reliable and secure connectivity everywhere and for everyone. And the technology you need to begin this journey is the cloud.

Speyk is moving toward the Infinite Enterprise, and we hope and expect other companies to innovate in this direction. Facebook, for example, is working on an Infinite Office that will allow consumers to create their ideal workplace through virtual reality (VR).

Below you can see how Speyk is shaping the three pillars of the Infinity Enterprise.

User Experience

A Consumer-Centric experience uses technology that revolves and evolves around user needs. Organizations must provide technology solutions that users desire.

Speyk’s unique data and AI/ML capabilities create personalized and consistent experiences anytime, anywhere, on any device. By leveraging data to gain actionable insights, we shape the experience for everyone who uses network services – knowledge workers, teachers, students, patients, factory workers and others.

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Be Infinitely and Independently Usable by Location

Organizations must be infinitely distributed to meet users wherever they are. The workplace must come to the user. The service must come to the consumer.

Speyk’s platform combines the power of cloud management with next-generation switches and access points to deliver secure, high-performance connections wherever your users are. The universal platforms support diverse physical environments and use cases and deliver the applications and resources essential for productivity


Every solution must be delivered at scale. This means scaling services, technology and even people to provide reliable and secure experiences everywhere and for everyone.

Speyk delivers flexible public cloud, private cloud and on-premise solutions that meet a variety of business connectivity and commercial needs, from a single device to millions. Extreme cloud-based applications and tools simplify network management at scale, allowing customers to migrate to the cloud their way and at their pace.

Are you eager to work with Extreme Networks to build a modern workplace for you and your colleagues? Do you still have questions about this topic?

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