Become Ruggedized and Futureproof with Allied Telesis Total Network Solutions!

Become Ruggedized and Futureproof with Allied Telesis Total Network Solutions!

Networks are the lifeblood that organizations rely on to survive in modern business. Whether large or small, Allied Telesis understands the challenges organizations face. With over 30 years of industry experience, we can help you build the secure, reliable, high-performance network that your digital transformation journey requires.

Since 2010, industry leaders have been predicting an explosion in the number of connected devices. These predictions have ranged from 50 billion by 2020 to 1 trillion by 2025! The latter forecast has obviously not materialized, but according to some estimates, we are not far from reaching 50 billion in the next three years. A wide range of fields that have been adopting IoT infrastructures include connected and smart cities, manufacturing, energy and utilities, transport, logistics, and even agriculture.

The big question that needs to be asked by IT-managers is “Is my network ready for this?” Most of them will have to admit that they aren’t ready.

Make a complex network future proof and easy manageable with Allied Telesis. How? Discover their 5 pillars and solutions

Secure SD-WAN

Ensure your most important applications always use the best path. Simplify connections for reliable and secure application delivery.

Secure SD-WAN | Allied Telesis

Self-Defending Networks

Our smart edge security protects your wired and wireless network from internal threats, by automatically quarantining suspect devices. Relax and enjoy a self-defending network.

Self-Defending Networks | Allied Telesis

Industrial IoT

Manufacturers need real-time visibility into factory processes to maintain high levels of production efficiency. The latest in hyper-converged edge computing technology makes this possible.

Industrial IoT Solutions | Allied Telesis

Total Autonomous Networking

Automate your network management using a single intelligent tool to combine intelligence and security with easy management, while reducing risks and cost.

Take Full Control of Your Network | Allied Telesis

Ruggadized Industrial switches

Future-proof switch solutions created to meet the stringent requirements demanded by the industry. These Ruggedized switches are built to provide enduring performance in harsh environments, such as manufacturing, transportation and physical security.

Switches: Industrial | Allied Telesis

Do you want more info or you need help with a certain project? Feel free to reach out to us and let’s work on this together. 

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