Barracuda reading pleasure – The new network security E-books are here!

Barracuda reading pleasure – The new network security E-books are here!

Network security remains a burning issue. Endless problems, a lot of confusing solutions and no straightforward right answer. It’s best to educate yourself as best you can about the situation you find yourself in and learn lessons from the experiences of others. 

Easier said than done. That’s why Barracuda has created 3 E-books, each with its own target audience. (The e-books are currently only available in dutch.)

Network security is a challenge for retail

Retailers must secure a much larger attack surface, connecting many devices and networks that are not under their direct control. It is especially challenging for retailers with complex ties to suppliers and logistics partners.

Leading network security for local governments

Network security refers to many different technologies and principles. It’s not a matter of simply buying the right product. Make sure you can optimize security while improving performance for users on a distributed network!

Protecting IT infrastructures in schools, colleges and universities

How can we prepare? How can we meet the challenges? How do we stay secure and agile? Create clear and effective network security strategies for your educational institution!

Time to do something about it! Let us assist you to optimize your network security.
Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us.

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