Ransomware and its impact on customer behavior

Ransomware and its impact on customer behavior

Cyberattacks have crippled organizations. The media has widely reported their devastating impacts and, today, most understand what’s at stake. What’s not understood, however—and what organizations rarely discuss or consider—are the quantifiable short- and long-term impacts of ransomware attacks on consumer purchasing behavior and brand loyalty.

Arcserve surveyed 1,998 consumers across North America, the UK, France, and Germany and discovered that if you fail to protect consumer’s data from ransomware attacks or ensure access to information—even once—they’ll exit stage-right for a competitor that can.

Protecting consumer data from ransomware can therefore boost your bottom line. This is also where Arcserve’s data and ransomware protection comes into play with a multi-layered approach.

Read all of the key findings from the research and discover Arcserve’s solutions by downloading the research results.

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