25 years of Kappa Data: Let’s celebrate together!

25 years of Kappa Data: Let’s celebrate together!

In 2023, our Kappa Data Group will be celebrating a whopping 25 years! Thank you to our amazing customers, partners and employees for being part of our success for a quarter century.

Find out how we germinated from a seed to an established value to many ICT partners!

What are our 3 core Kappa Data Group principles?

  1. From the early years, Kappa Data has placed a major focus on selling network connectivity and network security solutions from a limited number of vendors. Today, we can extend this to OT and IoT security.
  2. Equally important is reseller loyalty: for 25 years, we have only served resellers through a strict channel-driven model.
  3. Finally, there is the added value that we value highly, always trying to find added value for our customers and vendors. In the early years this was purely technical, today we offer a total package with support through lead generation, marketing, business development, logistics processes and of course the technical added value such as support, training and presales support.

These employees have been working for Kappa Data Belgium for + 10 years…

That we always look for strong long-term relationships is evident in our vendors and customers. Of the limited group of vendors, the majority have been around for more than 10 years. Above that, we still have customers from the early years.

Katrien, Bart, Melanie, Didier, Francies, Quincy, Annemie, Tom and Nick. These employees have been with our organization for 10 or 20 years. Since they provide such excellent service every day, they definitely deserve to be highlighted!

Just a magnifying glass on the Dutch office

In 2013, Kappa Data opened a new office in the Netherlands. Starting with a portfolio where the focus was primarily on Barracuda, the Dutch office grew to become an important part of the Kappa Data Group.

In 2019, Rubin Zwanenburg came on board as Sales Manager to take the team to the next level. He is still doing that to this day. The team is now 6 people large and still growing (just take a quick look at our website). Together they worked out a nice 11 million. How proud we are of such a team!

Our ambition

Our growth of our company over the years, was supported by the strengthening of the management team. Until 2011, management was primarily in the hands of Patrick Casteels as managing director, supported by Koert Martens as technical director. In 2011, the management team was strengthened with Chris Willems, which immediately marked the start of Kappa Data’s international ambitions with the launch of Kappa Data Netherlands in 2013 and that of Kappa Data Poland in 2015.

Important milestones also came in 2019 with the partnership with private equity player Investlink and the acquisition of the French company Exer in 2021, again expanding the management team with Michel Grunspan, the CEO of the acquired Exer.

Our Go Green Philosophy

As you probably know, we try to do our part for society. Kappa Data is hugely committed to green thinking and wants to be carbon neutral in the following way. We opt for green mobility and energy, generated by our own solar panels. We also incorporate our Go Green philosophy into our choice of vendors, as many have committed to being carbon neutral by 2023.

We proudly look back on 25 years of company history and we have every confidence in the future, together with you!

Stay tuned for our upcoming events. We’d love to celebrate this special milestone with you!


Want to know more about our 25th anniversary and about our Kappa Data Group?

Read all about it in the press release below!

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