25 years of Kappa Data: Celebrate this milestone with us!

25 years of Kappa Data: Celebrate this milestone with us!

Today, on June 29, 2023, our Kappa Data Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Thank you to our amazing customers, partners and employees for being part of our success for a quarter century. We would like to celebrate this special milestone with you at our Kappa Day event on October 26, 2023! Let’s raise a glass together to our 25-year anniversary.

Our ambition

Our growth of our company over the years, was supported by the strengthening of the management team. Alongside the partnership with private equity player Investlink came the acquisition of the French company Exer in 2021, and in the meantime we operate internationally in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France and Poland.

We are proud of our growth, especially given the acceleration in sales through the last 3 years. Today we are turning over 100 million euros in sales with our Kappa Data Group. We have also grown tremendously strategically, as we are the first alternative to the large international distributors.

We focus on our products, knowledge, expertise and flexibility. Find out all about our solutions and expertise here.

What are our 3 core principles of the Kappa Data Group?

  1. From the early years, Kappa Data has placed a major focus on selling network connectivity and network security solutions from a limited number of vendors. Today, we can extend this to OT and IoT security.
  2. Equally important is reseller loyalty: for 25 years, we have only served resellers through a strict channel-driven model.
  3. Finally, there is the added value that we value highly, always trying to find added value for our customers and vendors. In the early years this was purely technical, today we offer a total package with support through lead generation, marketing, business development, logistics processes and of course the technical added value such as support, training and presales support.

Let’s celebrate together!

We would like to celebrate this special milestone together with you! For our Belgian colleagues, Kappa Day is scheduled for October 26, 2023, but not to worry! Because for Kappa Data Netherlands there is also a lot of fun coming up.

Stay tuned for more info! The save the date for something unforgettable in November is coming soon.

Patrick Casteels and Chris Willems, managing partners, look forward to welcoming you to Kappa Day Netherlands in November!

Watch our video to get in the mood!

Ain’t no party like a Kappa Data party! Register soon to reserve your spot!

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