What can Cato Networks’ CASB do for you?

What can Cato Networks’ CASB do for you?

With Cato Networks you get continuous updates and features. One of these new features is ‘Cloud Access Security Broker‘ or CASB for short. Read more about CASB and what it can do for you. 


Cloud Access Security Broker

The shift to the cloud and the introduction of Software as a Service (SaaS) services has enabled enterprises to take on the burden of managing and delivering these services. However, it has also exposed a new and particularly risky attack surface. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions play a critical role in helping enterprises deal with these risks and strengthen their security posture. They do this by providing visibility, assessment, access control and protection capabilities that enable enterprises to better understand and manage their organization’s SaaS usage.

The first challenge of cloud-based SaaS use is understanding its full scope. While some applications are purchased and delivered by the IT team itself, also known as sanctioned applications, many SaaS applications are adopted and used by employees without the approval and knowledge of the IT department.

These are unsanctioned applications, and their use is called Shadow IT. Several studies have shown that the number of unsanctioned applications used in an average enterprise far exceeds the number of approved applications.

The second challenge is to understand the risk posed by each non-sanctioned application and make decisions about its permitted use. Enforcing these use authorizations is accomplished through CASB policies.

Finally, there is the need to implement threat prevention and data leakage protection mechanisms to ensure the protection and integrity of users, resources and enterprise data.

Cato CASB, part of the Cato SASE Cloud

Cato’s CASB solution is an integral service of the Cato SASE Cloud. This means that enterprises using Cato can enable CASB with just the push of a button. Since the enterprise’s network traffic is already handled by Cato’s SASE Cloud, adding CASB functionality requires no client installation or changes to the network. Cato’s single-pass architecture ensures that CASB functionality adds minimal latency to the overall processing time. In addition, the CASB is enriched with additional information about users, devices and applications, providing better visibility and enabling granular access control rules.

Cato’s CASB provides enterprises with a comprehensive view of their SaaS usage through a Shadow IT dashboard, which offers both high-level statistics and application-specific data. Application risk assessment is evaluated using Cato’s unique Application Credibility Engine (ACE) that collects information on the application’s purpose, publisher, security and compliance. A risk score is then calculated that can be used to determine the most appropriate access policy. Cato’s CASB supports highly granular access policies, enforced inline and in real-time.


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