``Real-Time Localization`` (RTLS) and monitoring specialist in the healthcare industry


Bluetooth tag (sensor) makes the location of specific assets visible

Simple and cost-effective localization of (medical) devices through an app on a smartphone

Blyott is using existing Bluetooth infrastructure

Cloud solution that integrates through an open API


Easily Monitor Assets in Real-Time

Low initial investment and low cost of ownership

Help hospitals improve nursing efficiency

The location of specific assets is made visible and the temperature of sensitive medicines and other consumables can be monitored in real-time

Eliminating equipment surplus, reducing search time and less failure cost by cold chain monitoring

Who is Blyott?

Blyott is a location-based tracking and monitoring company that provides IoT solutions to healthcare organizations across Belgium and the Netherlands. It started as a solution focused on the healthcare sector (hospitals, nursing homes, …) but can of course also be used in many other sectors.

The principle is simple: you attach a Bluetooth sensor to an object that you want to track. You register this sensor with a name in the application and through the existing Access Points (if suitable) the beacons are received and sent to Blyott. This way, you can quickly and easily find the sensor’s current location.

Blyott’s slogan is “Big Savings – Happy Staff.” The simple and cost-effective localization of (medical) devices such as blood pressure monitors, refrigerator temperature monitors, and patches for recording heart beats, etc. through a simple app on the smartphone that relieves the caregiver of unnecessary search actions. In addition, money can be saved by effectively knowing what resources a care facility has, where they are located and whether they are being used.

Blyott’s solution uses the existing Wi-Fi Access Points (if suitable) and is a complete cloud solution that scales and seamlessly integrates with other systems through an open API including of course the asset registration application.