Turn your Extreme Networks expertise into cash!

Turn your Extreme Networks expertise into cash!

Yes, I have your attention when it comes to making money, correct? No, it’s not a teaser. In fact, you can earn a significant amount of money as an Extreme partner based on your focus on Extreme Networks products. Check out the Extreme Networks Expertise Rebate Program!

Expertise rebate & training

Extreme Networks rewards its channel partners who have demonstrated a commitment to selling and delivering Extreme Networks solutions. Extreme is introducing an Expertise Rebate program in their unified Partner Program designed to drive partner revenue growth and increase profitability. The ultimate goal of this program is to increase the partner’s product knowledge, predictability and their profitability.

How does this work?

Extreme Networks will publish a set of strategic SKUs. This list of eligible SKUs will be posted on the Partner Portal.

Eligible partners will receive a discount on sales of these SKUs.

  • Prerequisites: Partner must specialize in the applicable product category.
  • Prerequisite: If a specialization can be achieved by completing multiple specialization tracks, Partner must complete the applicable modules to earn a discount on a product category.
  • The rebate is limited to $50,000 per quarter.
  • The Booster for a Master Specialization applies only to products that match the specialization

Specialized? How can I become one?

This is where Kappa Data steps in to add value to this program:

  • Official Extreme Networks Certified Training Center for Cloud solutions and Fabric switching.
  • Certified technical support team ready @ your service when you need it.
  • A partnership you can trust!
  • Kappa Data organizes all necessary trainings on a regular basis, so that you as a partner can obtain the necessary certifications with the necessary guidance and support from our trainers. Check out our training calendar here!

Why become an Extreme Partner at Kappa Data?

  • With more than 25 years of experience, no one knows Extreme better than we do
  • Leading distributor for Extreme Networks in Benelux and France
  • Emea supply chain expertise includes staging for network rollouts and upgrades
  • More than 300,000+ units of Extreme equipment shipped by 2022
  • Diamond distributor for Extreme Networks
  • PartnerWorks-accredited distributor for cloud solutions
  • Official Extreme Networks Certified Training Center for Cloud solutions and Fabric switching
  • Certified technical support team ready at your service when needed.
  • A partnership you can trust!

What training must I take to qualify for the expertise discount program?

That’s simple! You complete the Extreme Certified Associate track and the installation and configuration training of your preferred product. With these two certifications, Extreme Networks gives you the potential advantage by earning additional discounts when you purchase specific product skus.

Extreme Professional Program

This program offers a comprehensive pathway from Associate to Professional accreditation.

The Extreme Professional Training Program includes a series of 4 courses: Installation and Configuration, Advanced Configuration, Troubleshooting and Management, culminating in a final exam and lab to earn Extreme Certified Professional certification.

Regardless of role, regardless of professional aspirations, Extreme Networks now offers a wider choice of technical competency training courses that distinguish between technical skills: installation, advanced configuration, management and troubleshooting.

Importantly, you must complete the Extreme “Welcome series” on YouTube and become an Extreme Certified Associate. This is a mandatory first step in this program and must be completed before moving to the next stage.


Don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] if you have any questions!

Check out the FY23 EXpertise Rebate Program for Authorized, Gold and Diamond Partners!

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