Our #GETOUTANDPARTY campaign has come to an end…. What a ride it has been! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Kappa Data Group, we joined together to build a “party” with our amazing partners in the Netherlands. Thanks to you, we can proudly say that we brought this celebratory campaign to a successful conclusion. Find out in this blog post how we experienced this week together with you!

You seemed to like a good party!

On 1 June 2023, we launched our #GETOUTANDPARTY campaign. In exchange for your demo sessions, vendor and end-user meetings, partner certifications and other activities, you received well-deserved points that you could redeem for our #GETOUTANDPARTY packages or truck. We got to send a lot of party packages to you and our party truck was also running at full speed! We visited no less than 74 partners in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands in just 5 weeks. Your actions grew your business while you were “partying” with us.

Our goal was to party together “like there was no tomorrow”. And we definitely think we accomplished that mission thanks to you, because it seemed you all loved a good party!

Check out some fun atmospheric images from our Party Truck adventure below!

Our campaign in figures

Curious about how many snacks were handed out, how many partners we reached with this campaign or how many truck stops we did in total? Find out below in our 9 facts!

Thank you for your enthusiasm!

To everyone who participated in our #GETOUTANDPARTY campaign, we want to say a huge thank you for their enthusiasm. We had a great time with all of you!

You welcomed us with “bells and whistles”, sang along loudly to our music echoing through the music box and had a drink with us!

Thank you to our vendors

Many thanks also to our vendors for making our #GETOUTANDPARTY campaign possible! Barracuda Networks, Extreme Networks, Sophos, Allied Telesis, Armis, Cato Networks and SolarWinds.

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