The importance of our telemarketing and Lead Generation

The importance of our telemarketing and Lead Generation

In today’s age with all the technological possibilities, telephone contact still remains an important means of conveying a message to our customers. Discover the importance of Lead Generation and how our telemarketers work.

Personal approach

Within Kappa Data, we have a Telemarketing department, both B2B and B2C, where we delve into your story, market and the technology you wish to position to your target audience.

Our telemarketers have the necessary knowledge of how to conduct a well-structured conversation and what interview techniques are best used to get the most out of a campaign. Telemarketing and Lead Generation are therefore a very important part within Kappa Data. Our motto is “We provide the lead, you score!”

Don’t have a specific target audience in mind yet? We are happy to help you with that too. Personal approach is very important to us.

How do we proceed?

We plan a Teams Call with you to get to know the ins and outs of your organization. We also write a customized script or pitch that you supply us with. That way we play off your biggest assets. Our goal is always to schedule quality appointments and to look for new business opportunities. If the customer is not interested in the solution we’ve discussed, our conversation doesn’t stop there. We look beyond the technology discussed and listen to the needs and wishes of the customer – and whether there are any projects in the pipeline.

What can you expect from our telemarketing campaigns?

  • Qualitative appointments
  • Market research
  • Obtaining registrations for webinars
  • Raising customer awareness about a particular product
  • Lead generation
  • Awakening dormant customers
  • Spotting potential projects
  • Analysis report
  • All the details – same day – about the appointment made so you can prepare
  • Database optimization

Thus, our telemarketing campaigns do not consist of one specific activity, but can have different goals.

Are you interested in a campaign? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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