SolarWinds launches observability licenses

SolarWinds launches observability licenses

Our vendor SolarWinds has added a number of features to their Service Desk software that use artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) to make their software even better. Find out how their solutions can help you.


Virtual agent

One of the new features is a virtual agent, a kind of AI computer assistant. This can help solve everyday computer problems. This virtual agent learns and gets better over time.

Another new feature is called Guided Incident Resolution. This helps solve more complex problems. It gives IT staff the information they need to solve problems faster and better: on average, network problems are solved 24% faster, saving an average of 23 hours per week. An additional benefit is less downtime and more time to achieve other goals.


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The new AI-powered ITSM upgrades are SolarWinds’ latest major enhancements. SolarWinds has released cloud-based and hybrid observability solutions and a new partner program over the past year. By investing in the AI-powered SolarWinds Platform, the company combines observability and service management to consistently deliver simple and secure solutions for IT Ops, DevOps, SecOps and CloudOps professionals.


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