Simple Network Automation with Allied Telesis AMF

Simple Network Automation with Allied Telesis AMF

Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework, or AMF, is a scalable network management platform. AMF adds value to companies of all sizes by applying central management to the entire network. This reduces the costs and complexity through:

  • central management of all devices across the entire network, local or worldwide
  • network automation with zero-touch or one-touch backup, upgrade and restore
  • network intelligence that responds to changes in the network and automatically adapts the topology
  • smart commands that quickly identify network problems and solve problems

AMF can manage networks across different locations, varying from a campus network to a network across an entire continent. AMF is easy to use and helps businesses to grow locally in remote locations with plug-and-play simplicity.

Want to know more? Click here for more information about AMF.

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