NEW! Sophos XGS Firewall License Bundles

NEW! Sophos XGS Firewall License Bundles

With the introduction of the XGS Series Firewall, Sophos also announced the brand new license bundles. As from June 2021 Sophos will be quoting the new license XGS scheme, for the XGS series as well as the new legacy Sophos (XG) firewalls. Discover the full license range below:

XGS Single License Overview

Base License:

  • Stateful Firewall, VPN, Wireless is included with the purchase of the XG/XGS firewall.

Licenses sold separately:

  • Network Protection: IPS, ATP, SD-RED Device Management
  • Web Protection: Web Security and Control, Application Control, Web Malware Protection
  • Zero-Day Protection (formerly Sandstorm): Machine Learning, Sandboxing File Analysis, Threat Intelligence
  • Central Orchestration: SD-WAN VPN Orchestration, Central Firewall Reporting Advanced
  • Email Protection: Anti-spam, Antivirus, DLP, Encryption, Email Malware Protection
  • Webserver Protection: Web Application Firewall
  • Enhanced Support: updates: upgrades, 24×7 support, advanced exchange RMA
  • Enhanced to Enhanced Plus Support Upgrade: see enhanced support + VIP access, 4u consulting

XGS License Bundles

2 new license bundles have been introduced for XGS: Standard and Xstream Protection. License bundles can be purchased for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Standard Protection

  • Network Protection
  • Web Protection
  • Enhanced Support

Xstream Protection

  • Network Protection
  • Web Protection
  • Enhanced Support
  • Zero-Day Protection
  • Central Orchestration

The email- and webserver protection licenses are no longer included in one of the 2 above mentioned bundles, you have to buy them separately. There is an exception for Sophos MSP flex resellers, who can offer the Xstream Protection with WAF and Email included.

The bundles listed above are valid for the new XGS firewalls. From July 2021, the XG series will also be switched to these bundles. After that, FullGuard (Plus) or EnterpriseGuard (Plus) bundles can no longer be ordered.

Migration path for XG Firewall users

For existing customers, the XG license bundles will also be adjusted from July 2021. Sophos has provided the following migration path for this:

  • EnterpriseGuard → Standard Protection
  • EnterpriseGuard Plus → Xstream Protection
  • FullGuard → Xstream Protection + Email Protection + Web Server Protection
  • FullGuard Plus→ Xstream Protection + Email Protection + Web Server Protection

XGS Hardware + License Bundles

The logical choice for a new customer is a Hardware bundle= XGS firewall together with a license bundle standard or Xstream combined in one part number:

  • Sophos [name of the XGS appliance] with Standard Protection
  • Sophos [name of the XGS appliance] with Xstream Protection

The hardware bundle can be purchased for 1, 3 or 5 years. Previous XG hardware bundles Total Protect (Plus) and Enterprise Protect (Plus) will no longer be available after July 2021.


Please check the Sophos partner pricing available on the Sophos partner portal or alternatively contact your sales at Kappa Data. Compared with the XG series, hardware and licensing has become 10 to 30% more expensive. The XGS Series is a completely new range of firewall hardware platform with more performance, dual CPU, more memory, etc. No price promotions will be available the first few months after launch.

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