Kappa Data becomes Diamond distributor Extreme Networks

Kappa Data becomes diamond distributor extreme networks

Kappa Data becomes Diamond distributor Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks will be one of the key vendors for the Kappa Data Group. Find out how we are joining forces together.

The acquisition of Exer makes Extreme Networks one of the most important vendors for the Kappa Data Group. By deepening local knowledge in each country, Kappa Data is strengthening its added value not only in technical and commercial knowledge, but also in logistical strength. This will also enable us to guarantee the quality of services offered to our partners.

The strengthening of our forces has been confirmed by Extreme Networks with the appointment of Kappa Data and Exer, Part of the Kappa Data Group, as Diamond Distributors.

Nick Leman, Manager Business Development: “By working with Extreme Networks for years, and growing together, we have finally reached this result. We will continue to work with Extreme Networks and our partners in the future to further expand our support.”

About Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is a technology company specialising in network equipment. Through strategic acquisitions and developments, they have become the leader in Wired and Wireless networking. Their intelligent cloud portal has become the central tool for every system manager in terms of management, monitoring and analysis.

As a partner of Extreme Networks, you enjoy versatile support, you can offer advanced technologies and you always have a new story to tell.

Read more about Extreme Networks and its partnership with Kappa Data in the press release.

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