Introducing the Next Generation: SN-L-Series & SN-XL-Series Firewalls

Introducing the Next Generation: SN-L-Series & SN-XL-Series Firewalls

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so too do the demands on network security. We’re excited to unveil Stormshield latest innovations: the SN-L-Series and SN-XL-Series ranges of high-performance firewalls. These additions to our product lineup represent a significant leap forward in meeting the complex security needs of modern enterprises.

Building on the foundation of our scalable platform, the SN-L-Series and SN-XL-Series firewalls offer unparalleled flexibility and performance. Whether you’re managing a large corporate site, a distributed VPN center, or an expansive enterprise network, these new ranges are designed to exceed your expectations.

The SN-L-Series is tailored to the demands of large corporate environments and distributed VPN-centers. With two new firewalls seamlessly integrated into the range, customers can expect robust security and reliable performance. Scheduled for release on June 10, this series will be available for order starting now (May 10), empowering organizations to enhance their infrastructures with ease.

Meanwhile, the SN-XL-Series is engineered to meet the needs of large enterprises and organizations with a focus on VPN IPsec performance, datacenter security, and SD-WAN networking. Featuring two new firewalls, this series offers modular scalability with up to 8 network modules, enabling advanced micro-segmentation for heightened security.

``The SN-XL-Series empowers organizations to adapt and thrive in today's dynamic digital landscape.

In conclusion, the SN-L-Series and SN-XL-Series firewalls represent the next evolution in network security, delivering unmatched performance, flexibility, and scalability. Whether you’re securing a single site or managing a global network, these new ranges empower organizations to stay ahead of emerging threats and embrace the future of cybersecurity. Join us as we redefine what’s possible in network security and embark on a journey towards a safer, more connected future.

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