Fixami Case Study: Streamline IT with Extreme Networks

Fixami Case Study: Streamline IT with Extreme Networks

Online tool provider, Fixami (known in the Netherlands as opened a new warehouse in Tilburg and turned to Running IT for its IT applications. At Kappa Data, Running IT found not only the ideal IT structure, Extreme Networks, but also the knowledge and expertise about its delivery. 

The Digital Transformation

Customers expect a frictionless experience from orientation to fulfillment, so our own processes must be scalable and reliable.” – Bram Bos, CTO Fixami

Together with Running IT and Extreme Networks, Fixami evaluated the company’s current position and where they wanted to go. “We mapped out a route that fit our organization and goals: functionality, manageability and scalability. The result? Connectivity that contributes directly to the frictionless experience for the customer 24/7.

The four challenges

E-commerce organizations face unprecedented technology challenges when it comes to distribution and the supply chain. Implementing the right platforms has never been more important.” – Rob Zwezereijn, CEO Running IT.

These four challenges are addressed in the comprehensive case study:

  1. Supply Chain visibility
  2. Capacity management
  3. Scalability
  4. Digital acceleration

In partnership with Kappa Data, Running IT delivered some modern solutions that made these challenges disappear like snow in the sun.

Curious about what solutions we applied? Check out our video, where everything is explained to you in full detail. Or would you rather take a closer look? Then download the full case study at the bottom of the page.

Video: Casestudy Fixami with Extreme Networks

Want to know more about this project?

Download the full case study below!

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