ExtremeCloud™ SD-WAN | A pillar towards your Infinite Enterprise

ExtremeCloud™ SD-WAN | A pillar towards your Infinite Enterprise

All aboard the Infinite Enterprise! The Infinite Enterprise is infinitely distributed to meet users wherever they are, delivers a consumer-centric experience where technology revolves around the user’s needs, and enables that experience at scale.

The ExtremeCloud SD-WAN solution is built to support the pillars your customers need to become an Infinite Enterprise today, including reliability, scalability, cost efficiency, and ease-of-use. As we progress through 2023, we believe this solution will not only help your customers simplify and future-proof their networks, but it will also help you win more business!

Offered as a single SKU, ExtremeCloud SD-WAN is easy for partners to sell and monetize. The solution is designed as an all-inclusive subscription model that includes the cost of the appliance and Customer Success in addition to the SD-WAN service and cloud orchestration. This ensures that customers keep their capital expenses low, accelerate ROI for you, and have a low-risk SD-WAN adoption. Our subscription packages are offered in flexible 1/3/5- year terms to guarantee that your customers invest in a solution that is tailored for their specific needs and can scale and grow with them.

SD-WAN helps partners grow and evolve their business

Change is driving organizations towards an Infinite Enterprise. A new world filled with endless challenges and difficulties. Down below, you can find a short overview of today’s most prominent challenges and Extreme’s vision to tackle them.

Challenges of Today

  • End-to-End User Experience
  • Cost Reduction
  • Increasing Network Complexity
  • Lack of Visibility

Extreme’s Vision

  • Application-optimized experience
  • Agility: Continuous innovation and frictionless delivery
  • Easse of scaling SaaS adoption

Get the most out of selling ExtremeCloud SD-WAN

Selling ExtremeCloud SD-WAN has a ton of benefits.  This includes and is not limited to:

  • Expertise Rebate
  • Deal Registration Discounts
  • Not for Resale Program
  • New Referral Program

How do I start selling ExtremeCloud SD-WAN?

Are you ready to start selling ExtremeCloud SD-WAN? Next up: Getting certified!
Apply to gain access to our new sales and technical courses to sell your own professional services and qualify for expertise rebates.

You can also take advantage of Extreme-led professional Services to help customers design and build their SD-WAN to their unique requirements. Getting certified is by far the most optimal way to start selling SD-WAN though. 

Tools and Resources

Kappa Data and Extreme Networks want to help you every step of the way. Once you’re able to sell ExtremeCloud SD-WAN, you can make use of a bunch of tools and resources provided by Extreme Networks. Click on the following links to discover their Not-for-Resale Tool, their Dojo Training Portal and there’s more!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Eager to learn more about Extreme Networks and ExtremeCloud SD-WAN? Watch the video or click the button below to download the datasheet!

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