Experience Juniper Networks Connected Security

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Experience Juniper Networks Connected Security

Juniper Connected Security uniquely protects your business by bringing all your network elements together into a threat-aware network. It enforces dynamic security policies at every connection point, giving you a much smaller attack surface. Our security solutions are open and extensible, and we partner with other leading security vendors to provide you with a best-of-breed ecosystem that can help protect and enhance your operations.

The Juniper Connected Security platform is based on an inside-out security model, providing security and automated threat remediation without complexity. It is a user intent-based policy model that provides consistent policy enforcement across multiple enforcement domains and robust visibility and management.

Elements of the Juniper Connected Security solution (Sky ATP integrated with SRX / vSRX and Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance) automatically detect known and unknown threats. The Juniper Connected Security platform collects and converts the threat information into actionable items for the various enforcement points, such as blocking or quarantining those threats at the network layer to prevent further propagation.

Kappa Data, together with Juniper Networks, has set up its own environment where the various components around Connected Security can be displayed.

Schedule an appointment here to schedule a demo. Want to know more? Click here for the Juniper Connected Security datasheet.

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