Everything you need to know about the Sophos CS Switch Series

Sophos Switch

Everything you need to know about the Sophos CS Switch Series

Sophos CS Switch Series (CS stands for Central Switch) is a range of cloud-managed access layer network switches for management in Sophos Central console. The series will consist of 10 models.

CS Model overview

Sophos offers two different series of switches:

  • 100 Series models offer 1 GE Ethernet ports plus either SFP or SFP+
  • 200 Series models are equipped with 2.5 GE ports plus SFP+
  • Each series includes models with 8, 24, and 48 ports
  • Sophos Switch Support and Services is sold per unit and entitles customers to: Sophos Central Management, Advance RMA, 24×7 phone support and firmware updates

Note: The 24- and 48-port models in the 200 series are expected to become available towards mid-2022.

Sophos switches can be configured locally via the web interface, SNMP or CLI (command line). But management in Sophos Central is recommended. So, you have in 1 console your XGS firewalls, APX access points and CS switches.

Hardware only

(without subscription)

All models come with a limited lifetime warranty (min. 5 years) included in the hardware cost. Also included in the purchase price of your hardware is local Web/CLI/SNMP management. With the local GUI (also available in dark mode) comes in nine languages and you can access the full feature set and all configuration options of your switch from the very first release.

Central Switch Support and Service

(with subscription)

Sophos Central Management is a recommended subscription in order that the Sophos switch can be managed via Sophos Central. Sophos Central provides a single pane of glass to manage your switches alongside your other Sophos security solutions but with limited configuration upon first release. Sophos sets the price for support and service here at 10% of the hardware price for 1-year and at 8% for a 3-year separate support subscription.

  • Advanced replacement RMA
  • 7 × 24 telephone support
  • Firmware Updates


Sophos is expected to be able to deliver the first models in January 2022, but the number of units is on allocation and therefor limited available. Please note that at the moment of launch advanced features such as Synchronized Security or XDR/MTR connectors will not be available. But will come eventually available in a later firmware update.

Check out the switches, or even compare them on the website of Sophos!

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