A “deep dive” in phishing – Fokus IT

A “deep dive” in phishing – Fokus IT

Phishing. Everyone knows this. An email, asking if you want to transfer €1000 to transport gold to you. Or an SMS from your bank or the tax authorities – you still have an outstanding amount. Would you like to transfer it as soon as possible via this link?

Nowadays we are all well informed about this. Nobody is falling for this anymore, you just need to warn the elderly around you…. right?
The opposite appears to be the case. Phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated.

“43% of organizations have been victims of a spearphishing attack.”

Koert Martens, Director of Technology at Kappa Data and Alain Luxembourg, Regional VP Benelux & Nordics at Barracuda do a deep dive into phishing in an interview with Fokus IT.

“Phishing is the simplest form of capitalizing on people’s stupidity.”

Phishing is gaining popularity thanks to the clueless clicking behavior of employees. Not enough thought is given to strange mails. But then again, these mails can even come from trusted contacts…. Even your voicemail is not safe!

Martens and Luxembourg agree: user awareness must be increased through training, and a total package for e-mail is necessary.

Would you like to know more about what phishing looks like today, what the pitfalls are, and exactly how to protect yourself?

Then read the full interview.

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