10 Allied Telesis facts you didn’t already know (Part 1)

10 Allied Telesis facts you didn’t already know (Part 1)

Allied Telesis is a world leader in IP or Ethernet networking solutions and is a leader in Software Denied Networking. But of course you already knew that! Below you will find 10 facts about Allied Telesis that you probably never heard before.

10 Facts, all in one visual

1. Founded in 1987

Allied Telesis was founded in March of 1987. This means that they have been serving the needs of the network communications industry for over 35 years!

2. EMEA Logistics warehouse

Yep, you read it right. Allied Telesis has its own EMEA Logistics warehouse. They can deliver directly from their warehouse within the EU and the rest of the world. How convenient!

3. Larger than you’d think

Allied Telesis has 1600 employees, over 160 patents, they are active and located in more than 30 countries, and they have 7 research & development centers.

4. An all-rounder

They have everything in-house. From development to production to warehousing/logistics to finance to local sales and customer support. You name it, they do it!

You’re probably wondering where the rest of the facts are. If you don’t want to be kept in suspense any longer, stay tuned as we release the rest soon!

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