OneLogin is a cloud-based IAM/SSO provider

Simple and secure access to all your data and applications


Cyber Security

Secure Remote Connectivity


Log in safely and efficiently


State-of-the-art solution

Attractive pricing

Who is OneLogin?

OneLogin is an identity and access management solution that integrates features such as single-sign-on, unified directory and multi-factor authentication in a single cloud-based platform.

OneLogin makes it safer and easier for organisations to access the data and apps they need anytime, anywhere, and covers both commercial cloud and on-premise hosted applications.

What solutions does OneLogin offer?

The OneLogin Unified Access Management (UAM) cloud platform is the key to unlocking apps, devices and data that boost productivity and facilitate cooperation.

The various possibilities are offered via various packages (Starter, Enterprise and Unlimited), with a number of flexible options.

These include single sign-on, identity management, security, multi-factor authentication, user provisioning, compliance, cloud security, credential vaulting, unified endpoint management, consumer IAM, IAM, governance, web access management and adaptive MFA.

What are the benefits of OneLogin?

With OneLogin, organisations can apply and use any technology efficiently and securely. OneLogin offers state-of-the-art multi-factor authentication and a single-sign-on solution at an attractive price.

OneLogin reduces the time employees and IT support staff spend on password policies and failed login attempts. Moreover, they can use very strong passwords via OneLogin.