Wi-Fi as a Service: now with new models and Reduced Rental Pricing

Wi-Fi as a Service: now with new models and Reduced Rental Pricing

There is now twice as much to love about the Kappa Data WaaS offering !

Don’t pay too much for your wireless installations and discover the financially attractive Wireless As A Service solution of Kappa Data.


The WaaS service offers wireless solutions in both 100% rental and rental + purchase options which allows you to benefit from competitive pricing. The rental formula for R-series Indoor Access Points now increases your benefit thanks to the PERMANENT price reduction. Price cuts range from 15 to 20 % on WaaS Indoor AP’s. E.g.: the listprice for 1 Ruckus R310 dropped to only 13 euro per month.


Stay competitive and benefit from the latest technologies in real time - equally available for purchase as for WaaS. Ruckus has just launched the R730 to the market, a superpower AP that can challenge the newest and fastest form of Wi-Fi with its 12-stream WiFi6 standard - reaching speeds of 4.8 Gbps! Benefit from the qualities of this beast at an interesting price point in your new offerings as it is now available for purchase AND as WaaS solution.

More info on WaaS? Read our previous newspost & download the whitepaper here.


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